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Team Parent

The Team Parent is responsible for assisting the Manager in communicating with the team.  Some managers prefer to do their own emailing; others want your assistance with emails or phone calls.
•    After team meeting, email all parents a team list with job assignments.

•    Plan a get-together at the beginning of the season for players and parents to get acquainted.
•    Plan an end-of-season party which may include ordering trophies if the team so desires.  You may also want to organize a manager gift.  Ideas have ranged from gift certificates to Academy or favorite restaurants, signed picture or ball from all the players,  and/or donating to the WULL Scholarship Fund in your manager’s honor.

All expenses incurred for these two events shall be shared equally amongst the team families.  Neighborhood family-friendly restaurants, Colonial Park, or a pool party (if you get any volunteers!) are all good options for party locations.

•    You are responsible for picking up your team’s uniforms on Saturday, February 28th, between 10am and 1pm at 3602 Plumb.  If you cannot make this date, please send someone else from your team to pick up the uniforms.
•    Distribute as soon as possible.  If you are on a Rookie, Varsity, Pee Wee 7, Pee Wee 8, or Minor A team you will receive pants in the size ordered during registration – there will be no pant exchanges. You will be given a list at pick up to help with distribution. Minor AA teams and older will not receive pants.  See the WULL website for pant retailers.
•    Organize the players by size and distribute the jerseys accordingly (no promising any numbers!).  There are extra jerseys to assist with size coordination.  Remaining jerseys should be kept throughout the season in case a player loses his.  At the end of the season, extra jerseys can be donated by dropping off in the donation box by WULL concessions area.
•    Also included are belts and socks. Keep extra belts and socks on hand each game for those instances when players forget their belts or socks.  At the end of the season the remaining belts and socks can be donated by dropping off in the donation box.
•    Managers will bring the caps and practice shirts to distribute at the team meeting.

Questions?  Contact Uniform Chairs Adrienne Vanderbloemen or Michele Carlin.

Vendor Recommendations for Coaches Practice Shirts and Other Team Gear

*Keep in mind that most minor or major league teams have websites linked to mlb.com and they often have in-stock options for coaches.*

Baytown Shirts
Jeff Fuqua

Bellaire Uniforms
Neil Sivers

Diamond Awards
Mike Tumbleson