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COVID Policy


In these uncertain times, WULL is excited to offer its Spring Ball and we see this as another opportunity to appropriately get our ball players back on the fields and provide community and some normalcy to our WULL families.  However, there are many practical challenges to address with organized youth sports today as well as many unknowns. Please see below for what to expect and planned changes for our league.


What to expect for WULL Spring Ball 2021:

At this time, WULL Spring Season is expected to begin the week of January 4th and end on May 13th.  However, this schedule is subject to change pending developments with the COVID-19 situation in Texas and Harris County and is contingent on state and local leadership decisions on youth sports, schools and school sports.


Different from previous Spring Seasons: 

·         All families will sign a COVID-19 waiver that is included in the registration process

·         Athletes, coaches and spectators should bring their own hand sanitizer and apply before entering the ballpark and regularly while at the facilities.  In addition, team managers will have additional hand sanitizer available.

·         Dugouts will not be utilized for games or practices as they have in previous seasons; players and equipment will be spaced out. This will be done by positioning players outside the fence line down the 1st base and 3rd base paths. However, while a team is batting, the players may rotate through the dugout to prepare for batting.  There will be a maximum of three players in the dugout at one time.  The  players will socially distance while in the dugout.

·         Athletes are allowed to wear masks or face coverings that cover the mouth and nose during games or practices, but not required.

·         Players should use and maintain their own equipment (bat/glove/batting helmets)

·         If catchers gear is shared it must be cleaned/sanitized in between each use

·         Coaches will be required to wear a mask or face covering at all times.

·         Individual COVID-19 exposure issues will be managed by a group made up of the team manager, the affected parents, the WULL Division Director and Coordinator, and the WULL Executive Board. WULL will follow CDC guidelines. 


Facilities Changes:

·         There will be limited Concessions for Spring Ball 2021.

·         Water fountains will not be used; players should bring their own water and not share with others.

·         Bathrooms will be cleaned during game activity. 

·         Hand sanitizer stations will be available.


Spectator Responsibilities:

·         Spectators are expected to maintain social distance when possible or wear a mask or face covering if you cannot.

·         The majority of WULL fields used for the spring season have cameras, so watching from home can limit spectators and is encouraged.


Contingency Planning: 

·         WULL will follow local and state regulations for youth sports and will monitor local and state decisions for schools and school sports. If WULL determines that the spring season must be cancelled, refunds will be offered according to the Refund Schedule below.

WULL Spring 2021 COVID-19 Refund Policy and Schedule. This policy only applies in the event WULL cancels the Spring 2021 season due to COVID-19.

·         100% Refund - Season is canceled prior to the first practice

·           80% Refund - Season is canceled after the first practice but prior to the first game

·           50% Refund - Season is canceled before four games are played