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WULL Spring 2013

By WULL, 02/18/13, 8:45PM CST


Message from Stephen Crain

Dear WULL Community:

Well, we are at the start of another great WULL season.  Preseason games begin this week, and, before we know it, we will be playing the last games as the school year winds down.   In between, there will be hits, strike outs, fly balls caught, fly balls dropped, and lots and lots of lessons learned.
I hope you enjoy every moment of the season  –  from the record-cold tryouts, to serving hot dogs at the Dugout, to our closing ceremonies and championship games.  Counting all of the players between our five-year-old Rookies and our sixteen-year-old Seniors, and also our awesome Challenger teams, more than 1400 players will wear WULL uniforms this spring.  It is a great time to be part of WULL.

I ask that we all bear in mind what we are trying to impart among the league’s players:  the importance of teamwork and the importance of hard work.  We want to win with grace, and we want to lose with grace.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to win, but there is something wrong with wanting to win when it obscures sportsmanship.

I also ask for your occasional patience.  Many people work very hard to make WULL run smoothly.  But sometimes it does not – umpires are late, sprinklers go off – and it is at these times that our kids will look to the adults to see how to react.  

A few dates to remember:  Opening Ceremonies and Carnival are March 2nd; the website will have important details.   And our Auction is April 26th.  It will be a blast, with a great band and outstanding auction items.  Don’t miss it.

Thank you to all those managers and coaches who take so much time out of their weeks and months to develop good baseball players and teammates.  None of the magic of WULL would happen without the commitment of these men and women.

Finally, on behalf of the league’s sponsors, the Auxiliary, and the Greenhats, thank you for your support of WULL.  It really does make a difference in our players’ lives.

I will see you at the fields.

Stephen Crain
West U Little League