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Little League International Moves Cutoff Date from April 30th to December 31st

By WULL, 11/28/14, 1:30PM CST


Email from WULL President Robby Winston

Good afternoon-

As many of you have now heard, Little League International has made an amendment to the Age Determination Date Change which was passed by the LLI Congress earlier this year.  The change made by the Congress moved the age cutoff date from April 30 to December 31 – effectively creating a calendar year age determination structure.  Simply put, players will participate in a division with other players that turn their same age during the calendar year.  For example, if in 2015 your son turns 7 (at any time during the year) he will be classified as a 7 year-old and be assigned to a division as such.

We have been operating under the assumption that this change would not be required until 2018, and to date have made no adjustments to our division structure regarding this change.

Last Thursday we were advised that LLI has made an amendment to this change which is outlined below.  This amendment only affects players that will be league age 9 and younger in the coming 2015 season.  Players league age 10 and up (beginning with those players going into Minor AA this spring) are unaffected and will continue their playing careers at WULL under the old age determination structure with an April 30 cutoff date.

There will be a significant number of players of ages 6, 7 and 8 with birthdays between May and December that will in fact be affected for this coming year of Spring baseball in 2015.

In summary:

If your son was a 5 year-old last year, and has a birthday between May-December he will be skipping his 6 year-old year in Varsity and move straight to PW7;

If your son was a 6 year-old last year, and has a birthday between May-December he will be skipping his 7 year-old year in PW7 and move straight to PW8;    

If your son was a 7 year-old last year, and has a birthday between May-December he will be skipping his 8 year-old year in PW8 and move straight to Minor A;

All PW8’s from last year regardless of birthdate will only move to Minor A (they will not skip to Minor AA).

PLEASE NOTE: The WULL Board along with the WULL Auxiliary is working diligently to determine how best to create division structure while adhering to this new mandate.  Although the exact make-up is not yet decided, it is highly likely that changes will be made in an effort to best accommodate the wants and needs of our players in WULL.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: There is no action necessary on your part while going through the registration process.  If you have already registered, we will make all needed adjustments in the system.  If you have not yet registered, please do so normally and we will ensure that your son is placed in the appropriate division.

We have tentatively scheduled an open forum town hall type meeting for Thursday, December 4 to discuss this issue.  Details to follow.

On behalf of all the volunteers of West University Little League, I’d like to personally wish you a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


Robby Winston

President, WULL