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Important Information for Your Team Concessions Duty

02/17/2015, 8:30am CST

FAQs for Working in the Dugout

For Team Concessions/Carnival Chairs And for Individual Parents on the Team

The Concessions Scheduler will send you a reminder email the week prior to the shift. You will pass this along, as a reminder, to your entire team.

Every team works two shifts.  There should be an adult representing each child on the team per shift.  The only person (one person!) on the team who is excused from Dugout Duty is the Team Manager. If your parents want to work as couples, that is fine too, in that case half of the couples will work one shift and half the other. Just think of it as 10 kids on a team, for each kid, two shifts are assigned, so the whole team has twenty parents (or parent shifts if there is a single parent). Plenty to work the two Dugout Duty Shifts! (10 parents per shift.) And yes, parents of twins get double the fun.

If you are having serious conflicts and cannot make your Dugout Duty, please work through your Team Concessions Chair person FIRST; he or she will help you with a trade on the team, with another parent. If your team has many no-shows, you will be asked to work again, during the play off season. If the Team Concessions/Carnival Chair is having trouble with too many no-shows, let us know and we will help somehow.

All shifts are 2 1⁄2 hours; please be on time!

City Health Department regulations require a hat or cap be worn in the Dugout, so please wear one. If you
forget, we will give you one of our spares (probably not as cute as yours!)

The regulations also prohibit children in the Dugout, so no kids are allowed in the Dugout.

Your Team’s Dugout Duty shifts are reconciled with all of the division games, so that Dugout Duty does not occur at the same time as your games. Since there are about 100 teams and 200 Dugout Duty shifts and hundreds of practices, we cannot reconcile the Dugout Duty shifts with the practice schedules.

Most teams have two shifts. Usually, no team will have two late shifts or two Saturday shifts and we try not to put the shifts too close together, although since ten different parents would be working, this shouldn’t be a problem, and some teams like it that way.

In case the weather looks threatening, please check the Rain Out Hotline: 713-667-1885. It will tell you if fields are closed. You may also sign up to receive weather alerts and Field Closure/Dugout Closure at rained Please ALWAYS plan to show up unless the Dugout is definitely closed. The Rain Out Hotline is the best/fastest way to see if the fields and Dugout are closed. You can certainly email us, but often by the time we can respond, the shift has started or the Rain Out line has made the call.

This Concessions or Dugout Duty is DIFFERENT than your Carnival volunteering. Check out that other info for Carnival in your Team packet or on the website

Hope you have a great WULL Season!!
Allyson Ackerman and Kristin Hamilton Dugout Schedulers for 2017

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