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Dugout Opens February 16th! Find Out When Your Team Works the Dugout.

By WULL, 02/15/16, 5:15PM CST


FAQ's for Working in the Dugout

Information for Individual Parents on the Team

  • The Dugout is the concession stand on our WULL main campus. It is located behind Wallin field at the corner of University Blvd. and Auden St.
  • The Dugout is run ENTIRELY by parent volunteers. You are one of those volunteers. The Dugout will not operate if you do not participate! 
  • Dugout Duty is DIFFERENT than your Carnival volunteering
  • Every team works two shifts in the Dugout
  • There must be a parent representing each child on the team per shift.
    • Yes, parents of twins get double the Dugout fun!
  • All shifts are 2 1⁄2 hours
  • It is important to be on time for your team shifts
  • Your team Concession/Carnival Chair will receive an email with your team shift assignments about 1-2 weeks before the season starts
    • Reach out to your Concession/Carnival Chair if you don’t know your assigned team shifts by the time your team has their first game!
  • If you are having serious conflicts and cannot make a Dugout Duty Shift, please contact your Team Concessions Chair.  Possible options include:
    • Switching with another family on your team. Two parents from your family can work Team Shift A and two parents can the other family can word Team Shift B. (Instead of one parent from each family working Team Shift A and B)
    • Switching your shift with any other WULL parent from any other WULL team. Reach out to your friends. Make the swap and let your Team Concessions Chairs know about the plan.
  • Your team Dugout Shifts will NOT coincide with your team’s scheduled games
  • Your Dugout Shifts MAY coincide with your team’s scheduled batting or fielding practice.
  • There are about 100 teams and 200 Dugout Duty shifts and hundreds of practices. We cannot reconcile the Dugout Duty shifts with the practice schedules.
  • City Health Department regulations require a hat or cap be worn in the Dugout, so please bring one
  • The regulations also prohibit children in the Dugout, so no kids are allowed in the Dugout.
  • In case the weather looks threatening, please check the Rain Out Hotline: 713-667-1885.
    • We recommend signing up for weather alerts and Field Closure/Dugout Closure at rained
    • ALWAYS plan to show for your shift until a rainout notification has been sent.
  • If your team does not have adequate parent volunteer representation at your assigned Dugout Shifts, your team will be at the top of the list for additional shifts during make-up games and play-off games.

Information for Team Concessions/Carnival Chair

You are responsible for coordinating your team's Concessions Stand (Dugout) Shifts and your team's Carnival Volunteer Shifts. These are separate jobs.

You will be coordinating your team's volunteer effort in the Dugout. Your main responsibilities are 1) to communicate shift information to the team and 2) make sure that you have a adequate team coverage at both of the team's assigned Dugout Duty shifts. 

You will receive an email with the Dugout Schedule about 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the WULL spring season

If you do not receive an email by the time your team plays their 1st game, please reach out to us to get your team’s assigned


Look for your 2 Dugout Shifts and point these out to your team parents

Many teams in different divisions have the same team name. Make sure you are looking at the correct team in the correct division when you identify your assigned shifts!

Send a reminder email to your team parents the week before your scheduled Dugout Shifts

If a parent cannot make the assigned shift, remind them of options for switching shifts

If multiple parents cannot make one of your assigned Dugout Shifts, please contact us so we can assist you


Thank you for volunteering in the Dugout!  We hope you have a great WULL Season!!

Courtney Tsao and Kathryn Principe, Dugout Schedulers for 2020