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WULL Coach Dox Lecture and Training Session for Parents and Coaches

02/02/2017, 2:45pm CST

THIS SATURDAY, February 4th 10:00am

WUES Cafeteria

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WULL will be hosting a lecture and training session on Arm Health, Bio-mechanics, and Player Mental/Emotional Management for all coaches and parents. The guest speaker is Dean Doxakis, Regional Director for National Pitching Association. The NPA is the leading organization in Arm Health and Bio-mechanics, training players and rotational athletes in the MLB, PGA, and the NFL. The NPA founder, Tom House, is known as the “father of modern pitching mechanics” and has personally trained the NPA Regional Directors to provide training to all athletes, at all levels. What to expect? Gain understanding of the correct bio-mechanical movements to promote arm health and velocity, disproving many false conventional wisdoms in coaching, such as “Throw over the top”. 100% scientifically defendable! Learn proper warm up and flexibility routines, eliminate ineffective static stretching. Learn a proper Arm care and Recovery program. How to manage player’s or your child’s mental/emotional well-being when competing.

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